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Occupational safety and health – 57 Risk Assessment ready to be use in word format to be updated to your project and to cover all the activities in your project.

This product include the following Risk Assessment:

  1. High Voltage Electric Work and Work Around Live Cables
  2. Housekeeping
  3. Improper Access
  4. Incompetent or Lack of Third Party Inspection
  5. Inspecting Dewatering Operations
  6. Inspecting of Electrical Distribution Equipment
  7. Inspecting Refueling of Plant and Equipment
  8. Inspection & Supervision Of Concrete Placement
  9. Inspection during Hot Weather
  10. Inspection During Rebar Fixing
  11. Inspection in a Storage Area
  12. Inspection In Carpentry Workshop Area
  13. Inspection in Tunnels
  14. Inspection In Workshop Area
  15. Inspection Near Concrete Chipping – Breaking
  16. Inspection Near Sandblasting Activity
  17. Inspection of Concrete Batch Plants
  18. Inspection Of Form Work Or False Work
  19. Inspection of manholes – confined spaces
  20. Inspection of Off-Site Manufacturing Plants, Batch Plants, Precast Yards
  21. Inspection of Painting and Spraying Works
  22. Inspection of Piling Operations
  23. Inspection on Open Floors – Floor Voids
  24. Inspection On Scaffold
  25. Inspection Using Mechanical Equipment
  26. Inspection Using Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP)
  27. Invasive And Injurious Plants
  28. Labor Camps
  29. Laboratory Inspection
  30. Lifting And Thimbling Operations  
  31. Loan Working
  32. Long Welded Rail Delivery And Recovery By Train 
  33. Low Voltage Electric Works
  34. Manual Handling
  35. Marine Transportation
  36. Mechanical Inspections
  37. Miscommunication
  38. Mobile and Aerial Lift Work
  39. Movement On Site
  40. Noise Refueling
  41. Noise Working Near Homes-Schools-Hospitals
  42. Observing Arc Welding
  43. Observing Grinding Operation
  44. Observing Lifting Operations
  45. Observing Loading & Unloading Material Off A Vehicle
  46. Observing or Inspecting Landscaping
  47. On-Site Heavy Equipment Maintenance
  48. Overseeing Non destructive Testing (NDT) Activity
  49. Oxygen Fuel Gas Cutting And Heating
  50. Painting Work
  51. Paving and Asphalt Works
  52. Pile Driving
  53. Post Tensioning
  54. Public Vehicle intrusion into Work Zone
  55. Punch List
  56. Rip-rap  slope stabilization
  57. Rock Trenching and Tunneling

Check complete package with 173 word files:

Risk Assessment Example:

This risk assessment must be adapted by a safety professional to the specific project in order to ensure all hazards are identified.

HSE Construction Plan (2)

This HSE Plan include 13 word files and 4 Excel file

Equipment Check List (1)

Occupational safety and health – 26 complete and editable checklist in excel format to

Risk Assessment (3 of 3)

Occupational safety and health – 59 Risk Assessment files ready to be use

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