Risk Assessment (3 of 3)

Occupational safety and health – 59 Risk Assessment files ready to be use in word format to be updated to your project and to cover all the activities in your project.

This product include the following Risk Assessment:

  1. Saw Cutting
  2. Scaffold Work
  3. Signals – Lighting
  4. Steel Fabrication Facilities
  5. Steel Work
  6. Stone Blowing Hand Held
  7. Storage of Oil, Lubricants and Chemicals
  8. Stressing CWR and Stress Monitoring Not CWR 
  9. Tie-backs high pressure grouting
  10. Topographic Survey
  11. Track Inspection Including Longitudinal Timber and Flood
  12. Traffic Counting
  13. Transportation to Site
  14. Tree Removal
  15. Trenching and Excavation
  16. Ultrasonic Testing 
  17. Underfoot Conditions
  18. Unloading Ballast Manually From Train Or OTP
  19. Use Of Huck Gun
  20. Use Of Hydraulic Crimping Equipment
  21. Use Of Hydraulic Power Packs
  22. Use of Improper Equipment or Materials
  23. Use Of Ladders
  24. Use Of Mobile Elevated Working Platform Boom Lift
  25. Use Of Mobile Elevated Working Platform Scissor Lift
  26. Use Of Pan Pullers Frozen Clip
  27. Use Of Rail Mounted Clipping Machines
  28. Use Of Rail Mounted Coach Screwing Machines
  29. Use of Sight Lights
  30. Use of Suspended Platform
  31. Use Of Trolley Mounted Gas Cylinder Frames
  32. Use Of Weld Alignment Device 
  33. Use Of Weld Trimmer 
  34. Using Cell phone on Active Construction Site
  35. Waste Storage And Segregation
  36. Weather Related Exposure
  37. Welding Work
  38. Welding
  39. Work Around Heavy Equipment
  40. Work That May Kill-Damage- Animals-Plants-Protected Sites
  41. Working Around-Driving Heavy Equipment
  42. Working at Height including Bridge Deck
  43. Working AT Height
  44. Working At Heights
  45. Working at Night
  46. Working from an aerial lift or elevated work platform
  47. Working in Field Office Environment
  48. Working In Or Near Public Places
  49. Working in the Office
  50. Working Near Live Traffic
  51. Working on Bridge Deck Edge
  52. Working On Or Near The Line
  53. Working Over Or Near Water
  54. Working With And Mixing Concrete
  55. Working with Ballast-Regular, Glue, Shoulder Clean, Contaminate and wet beds
  56. Working With On Track Equipment
  57. Working With Or Near Mobile Plant
  58. Working With Rail Jointed, Check and CWR
  59. Working With Unskilled Labor

Check complete package with 173 word files:

Risk Assessment Example:

This risk assessment must be adapted by a safety professional to the specific project in order to ensure all hazards are identified.

Risk Assessment (1, 2 and 3 of 3)

Occupational safety and health – 173 Risk Assessment ready to be use in word

HSE Construction Plan (1)

This Safety Plan include 5 word files and 1 Excel file, editable you

Risk Assessment (2 of 3)

Occupational safety and health – 57 Risk Assessment ready to be use in word

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