Micron – Taoyuan District Taoyuan City – Req. ID: 150743 Micron in Taiwan Micron’s global footprint is designed to deliver comprehensive customer collaboration, support and quality around the world and throughout the product lifecycle. Taiwan plays a meaningful role in strengthening Micron’s position in leading-edge DRAM. Micron’s Taiwan sites include sales and technical support in Taipei along with state-of-the-art fabrication facilities in Taichung and Taoyuan that together comprise the company’s DRAM Center of Perfection. The Center’s goal is to achieve the most efficient and effective technology transfer and manufacturing ramp by combining front- and back-end manufacturing, product engineering and technology development roles. Job description: * Being a safety officer to provide the safety related professional comments for helping ERT commander to make decision. 擔任安全官,提供有關安全的專業意見,以幫助ERT指揮官做出決定。 * To support emergency response related affairs management, including training, certification & drill. 支持緊急應變相關事務管理,包括培訓,認證和演練。 * Emergency response tool/equipment maintenance and management. 緊急應變工具/設備的維護和管理。 * Safety patrol in workplace. 廠內巡檢及稽核。 * High risk operations audit. 高風險作業審查。 * Safety audits for safety system reliability enhancement: including fire suppression system, toxic gas monitoring system, seismic detector, leakage sensor & VESDA systems. 增強安全系統可靠性的安全審查:包括消防系統,有毒氣體監測系統,地震探測器,洩漏偵測器和VESDA系統。 * Supporting other safety management affairs. 支援其他安全管理事務。 Qualifications: Get the license from government (Occupational safety management specialist or Occupational health management specialist) 必須取得職業安全管理師/ 職業衛生管理師/ 職業安全衛生管理員其中之一之證照 Education: Bachelor's degree in occupational safety and health, environmental engineering, environmental management or a related dept. (minimum requirement) 職業安全與衛生、環境工程、環境管理或相關部門的學士學位。 (最低要求) *此職務需配合輪班工作做二休二,日夜輪調頻率為一個月。 According to the "Employment Service Act", positions with salary lower than NTD$40,000, please refer to the salary informati… – Permanent – Full-time

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