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Safe use of portable circular saws

  • Permit only trained and experienced workers to operate a saw.
  • Wear proper eye and hearing protection, and when required, respiratory protection.
  • Use sharp blades designed for your work and recommended by the tool manufacturer.
  • Check the retractable lower blade guard before use. Make sure that it works correctly.
  • Allow the saw to reach full power before cutting.
  • Make sure the lower blade guard is fully returned before laying down the saw
  • Disconnect the power supply before adjusting or changing the blade.
  • Keep all electrical cords clear of the cutting path.
  • Use both hands to operate the saw.
  • Keep the saw blade guards and motor clean and free of sawdust.
  • Secure the work while cutting.
  • Do not fix or hold the retractable lower blade guard in the open position.
  • Do not place your hand under the shoe or guard of the saw while the saw is connected to the power supply.
  • Do not overtighten the saw blade locking nut.
  • Do not twist the saw while cutting to change direction or saw alignment unless the blade is designed for that purpose.
  • Do not use a saw that vibrates or is defective.
  • Do not force the saw during cutting.
  • Do not cut materials without first checking for obstructions or foreign objects such as nails and screws in the cutting path of the saw.
  • Do not carry portable circular saws with hands or fingers on the trigger switch.

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