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Safe use of radial arm saws

  • Permit only trained and experienced workers to operate a saw.
  • Wear proper eye and hearing protection, and when required, respiratory protection.
  • A radial arm saw cutting table must be of sufficient width so that no part of the saw blade overhangs the forward edge of the table. A stop may also be used to limit forward travel of the saw to prevent overhang.
  • Saws must not be operated at speeds in excess of the manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Only use accessories designed for the saw and recommended by the manufacturer
  • Make sure the blade guard is in place and properly adjusted.
  • Stand on the handle side of the saw when cross cutting.
  • Return the saw blade to behind the fence after each cut.
  • Make sure the overall length of the saw table (both infeed
  • and outfeed) is twice the length of the lumber being cut.
  • Make sure during ripping that material is fed counter to the saw blade rotation.
  • The motor head must be locked into position at the correct height and desired angle.
  • Clamp stock to the table when making mitre, bevel, or compound mitre cuts. This overcomes the tendency of the stock to slide along the fence.
  • Turn off the saw and unplug the electrical cord when making changes.
  • When it is necessary to measure stock on the cutting table, the saw must be turned off until measuring is complete.
  • Do not use radial arm saws for ripping unless spreader and anti-kickback devices are used.
  • During operation, do not remove your hand from the operating handle unless the cutting head is behind the fence.
  • Do not remove the stock from the cutting table until the saw blade has been returned to its position behind the fence.
  • Do not cut “free-hand”. The material to be cut must lie solidly on the cutting table against the back guide.
  • Do not use any circular saw blade having a crack exceeding 1/10 of the saw diameter or any circular saw blade with cracks adjacent to the collar line.

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