5 Reasons, why you should not be a safety professional

In this post we will give you 5 reasons why probably you should not be a safety professional.

The responsibility of a safety professional is different from most of the other activities, believe it or not, your role is more important than a doctor or a firefighter because if you perform as a safety professional properly in a workplace, doctors and firefighter are not required.

So, let’s get started.

Reason number 5 – You act like a policeman.

When you go to your workplace you always are looking for everything that someone is doing wrong.
You usually never see what your people are doing in a safe way.

Reason number 4 – Culture of Blame.

You not only act as a policeman, but you also blame your people for what is happening on the site.
You blame them because they do not use the PPE´s in a correct way, you blame because an incident almost happens, you blame them for everything.

Reason number 3 – Give up easily

As a safety professional you need to repeat the same things over and over again.
You need to repeat the same words every time you find the same unsafe behavior and this happens almost everything minute.

If you give up easily maybe you should not be a safety Professional

Reason number 2 – Lead by Example

Do you remember a few days ago when you use your mobile phone while you were driving?
When you just arrive on your site without safety glasses?

Very bad…

How do you want to convince your workforce, that they should comply when they see you do exactly the opposite?

Reason number 1 – All accidents are preventable

This is the most important: you do not believe that all, but means all the incidents could be preventable you should not be a safety professional;

All incidents happen because something or someone fails to do what he or she should do.

The incident doesn’t happen because of bad luck or because it was destiny.

If you don’t believe that all incidents are preventable you should not be a safety professional.
If you agree or disagree just leave your comments below

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