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Safe use of pneumatic nailing and stapling equipment

  • Permit only trained and experienced workers to operate pneumatic nailing and stapling tools.
  • Wear proper eye and hearing protection.
  • Make sure the tool is maintained in safe operating condition.
  • Inspect the tool before connecting to the air supply.
    • Check safety mechanisms if applicable.
    • Ensure the screws and cylinder caps are securely tightened.
    • Make sure the air pressure is as specified by the manufacturer of the tool.
  • Before using, check that the tool is properly connected to the air supply and is in working order, with the safety mechanism operable.
  • Do not operate the tool at air pressures above the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Always handle the tool as if it contains fasteners.
  • Always use a work-contacting element that limits the contact area to one as small as practicable.
  • Make sure the mechanical linkage between the work-contacting element and the trigger is enclosed.
  • Disconnect the tool from the air supply and exhaust all air from the tool by squeezing the trigger
    • Not in use, or
    • Cleaning or adjusting, or
    • Clearing a blockage
  • Use only fasteners recommended by the manufacturer of the tool,and follow the manufacturer’s instructions when reloading.
  • Do not point the tool at yourself or any other person.
  • Do not squeeze the trigger unless the nosepiece of the tool is directed at a safe work surface.
  • Do not transport or load the tool with your finger on the  trigger.
  • Do not secure the trigger in the ON position.
  • Do not overreach when using the tool.
  • Ensure you have the right amount of air pressure for the size and type of nail you are using. Caution: Too much pressure can cause a nail to go right through the material and could cause serious injury to other workers.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s safe operating procedures when using nailers powered by butane.

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