Electric pallets jacks are one of the most useful pieces of equipment within our company. If used correctly,they are highly efficient and can increase a picker’s hourly case pick rate by 50%.

Electric pallet jacks are easy and safe to operate as long as the guidelines below are followed:

  • Prior to operating an electric pallet jack, always fill out the pre-operation  inspection sheet. This will ensure you are using an electric power jack that is in good mechanical condition. If the electric power jack does not pass the pre-operation inspection, do not use it and report the malfunctioning equipment to your supervisor immediately.
  • Always be cautious of the wide swing of the electric power jack. Keep your body, especially your feet and ankles clear of the jack.
  • When operating the electric pallet jack always face the direction of travel, do not walk backwards.
  • An electric pallet jack should never be operated on a ramp.
  • The red button on the operation handle is an emergency reverse. This button will prevent the electric pallet jack from running you over.
  • The electric pallet jack, with a full load, can weigh as much as a car. You cannot stop, push, or drag the electric pallet jack. Never use your body to stop the electric pallet jack.
  • If a pallet is stuck on the forks of an electric pallet jack, there are only two ways it can be safely removed:
    • Using the hydraulics on the control arm move the forks up and down to loosen the pallet.
    • If option #1 does not work, call a forklift driver over and have them place their forks in the side of the pallet and it will slide off of the electric pallet jack.  

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