Hand-held grinders can cause serious injury if used incorrectly. By following the safe work practices listed below, you can help reduce the risk of injuring yourself or others while using these powerful tools

Safe work practices

  • Always handle and use equipment with care.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for use,maintenance, and personal safety (including guards).
  •  Keep combustible materials away from the grinding area. Sparks may cause a fire.
  • Never remove manufacturers’ guards from grinders while operating.
  •  Ensure grinding wheels/discs are in good condition.Inspect them for chips, cracks, and loose retainers prior to use.
  • Grinding generates dust. Protect yourself with proper respiratory protection and ventilation.
  •  Always check the machine’s rated speed against the recommended maximum safe operating speed marked on the wheel or disc.

Personal protective equipment

  •  Always wear hearing, eye, and face protection that is appropriate for the grinding work you’re doing.
  •  Respiratory protection may be required if your grinding work puts you at risk of inhaling harmful substances (e.g., dust, metal fumes, or chemicals).
  • Secure loose clothing, and remove ties, rings,watches, and other jewellery.
  •  If you’re not sure what type of personal protective equipment you need, ask your supervisor or employer.

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