This heath and safe risk assessment will provide you with a large number of usefully documents that you can edit and use in your project.

This product have 173 rick assessment in word format completely editable.

Check the list all those documents are included

  1. Aircraft or Helicopter
  2. Aluminum Thermic Welding
  3. Asphalt Plants
  4. Attendant And Manual Operation Of Level Crossing
  5. Attending Environmental Spillage on Land
  6. Attending Spillage on Marine Environment
  7. Being Driven by Contractor Provided Driver
  8. Biological And Chemical Hazards
  9. Bridge Construction (Cast in Place)
  10. Changing Bearers Timber and Concrete
  11. Changing Sleepers Timber and Concrete
  12. Chemical Storage COSHHH
  13. Cofferdams
  14. Concrete Batch Plants
  15. Concrete Work
  16. Conducting on Site Survey
  17. Confined Space Entry
  18. Confined Spaces
  19. Contractor Working in Active Roadway
  20. Crane Operations
  21. Crane Work (Truck Mounted, Portable, Fixed)
  22. Decanting Fuel And Fueling Small Plant
  23. Deck Coring
  24. Demolition of Structures
  25. Directional boring
  26. Discharges Of Water
  27. Diving Operations
  28. Driving Personal Vehicle or Contractor-Provided Vehicle – Commuting – Desert Driving
  29. Electric Arc Welding
  30. Electric High Power Existing Buried and Overhead
  31. Enabling Works – Detour Work
  32. Enabling Works – Utility Protection – Stabilization
  33. Enabling Works Clearing and Grubbing
  34. Enabling Works Shoring Protection-Reclamation Works
  35. Encountering Venomous Animals
  36. Entering Excavation
  37. Entering or Working Near an Excavation or Trench
  38. Entry Into Confined Spaces
  39. Erection Dismantling And Use Of Welding Tents-Umbrella And Support Clamps  
  40. Exposure to Airborne Contaminants
  41. Exposure to Allergic Flora (Vegetation) when travelling to-from and on jobsite
  42. Exposure to Contractor Welding – Cutting
  43. Exposure to Dust
  44. Exposure to Fall From Height Hazards
  45. Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals
  46. Exposure to Noise
  47. Exposure to Tripping Hazards
  48. Exposure to Various Heavy Equipment and Crane Operations
  49. Exposure to Various Jobsite Electrical Hazards
  50. Exposure to Various Overhead Hazards
  51. Eye hazards from sun and various Contractor activities
  52. Fauna Hazard
  53. Generic Track Risks
  54. Geotechnical Investigation
  55. Grinding Work
  56. Hearing hazards from Contractor Activities
  57. Heat related illness exposure to sunburn
  58. High Voltage Electric Work and Work Around Live Cables
  59. Housekeeping
  60. Improper Access
  61. Incompetent or Lack of Third Party Inspection
  62. Inspecting Dewatering Operations
  63. Inspecting of Electrical Distribution Equipment
  64. Inspecting Refueling of Plant and Equipment
  65. Inspection & Supervision Of Concrete Placement
  66. Inspection during Hot Weather
  67. Inspection During Rebar Fixing
  68. Inspection in a Storage Area
  69. Inspection In Carpentry Workshop Area
  70. Inspection in Tunnels
  71. Inspection In Workshop Area
  72. Inspection Near Concrete Chipping – Breaking
  73. Inspection Near Sandblasting Activity
  74. Inspection of Concrete Batch Plants
  75. Inspection Of Form Work Or False Work
  76. Inspection of manholes – confined spaces
  77. Inspection of Off-Site Manufacturing Plants, Batch Plants, Precast Yards
  78. Inspection of Painting and Spraying Works
  79. Inspection of Piling Operations
  80. Inspection on Open Floors – Floor Voids
  81. Inspection On Scaffold
  82. Inspection Using Mechanical Equipment
  83. Inspection Using Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP)
  84. Invasive And Injurious Plants
  85. Labor Camps
  86. Laboratory Inspection
  87. Lifting And Thimbling Operations  
  88. Loan Working
  89. Long Welded Rail Delivery And Recovery By Train 
  90. Low Voltage Electric Works
  91. Manual Handling
  92. Marine Transportation
  93. Mechanical Inspections
  94. Miscommunication
  95. Mobile and Aerial Lift Work
  96. Movement On Site
  97. Noise Refueling
  98. Noise Working Near Homes-Schools-Hospitals
  99. Observing Arc Welding
  100. Observing Grinding Operation
  101. Observing Lifting Operations
  102. Observing Loading & Unloading Material Off A Vehicle
  103. Observing or Inspecting Landscaping
  104. On-Site Heavy Equipment Maintenance
  105. Overseeing Non destructive Testing (NDT) Activity
  106. Oxygen Fuel Gas Cutting And Heating
  107. Painting Work
  108. Paving and Asphalt Works
  109. Pile Driving
  110. Post Tensioning
  111. Public Vehicle intrusion into Work Zone
  112. Punch List
  113. Rip-rap  slope stabilization
  114. Rock Trenching and Tunneling
  115. Saw Cutting
  116. Scaffold Work
  117. Signals – Lighting
  118. Steel Fabrication Facilities
  119. Steel Work
  120. Stone Blowing Hand Held
  121. Storage of Oil, Lubricants and Chemicals
  122. Stressing CWR and Stress Monitoring Not CWR 
  123. Tie-backs high pressure grouting
  124. Topographic Survey
  125. Track Inspection Including Longitudinal Timber and Flood
  126. Traffic Counting
  127. Transportation to Site
  128. Tree Removal
  129. Trenching and Excavation
  130. Ultrasonic Testing 
  131. Underfoot Conditions
  132. Unloading Ballast Manually From Train Or OTP
  133. Use Of Huck Gun
  134. Use Of Hydraulic Crimping Equipment
  135. Use Of Hydraulic Power Packs
  136. Use of Improper Equipment or Materials
  137. Use Of Ladders
  138. Use Of Mobile Elevated Working Platform Boom Lift
  139. Use Of Mobile Elevated Working Platform Scissor Lift
  140. Use Of Pan Pullers Frozen Clip
  141. Use Of Rail Mounted Clipping Machines
  142. Use Of Rail Mounted Coach Screwing Machines
  143. Use of Sight Lights
  144. Use of Suspended Platform
  145. Use Of Trolley Mounted Gas Cylinder Frames
  146. Use Of Weld Alignment Device 
  147. Use Of Weld Trimmer 
  148. Using Cell phone on Active Construction Site
  149. Waste Storage And Segregation
  150. Weather Related Exposure
  151. Welding Work
  152. Welding
  153. Work Around Heavy Equipment
  154. Work That May Kill-Damage- Animals-Plants-Protected Sites
  155. Working Around-Driving Heavy Equipment
  156. Working at Height including Bridge Deck
  157. Working AT Height
  158. Working At Heights
  159. Working at Night
  160. Working from an aerial lift or elevated work platform
  161. Working in Field Office Environment
  162. Working In Or Near Public Places
  163. Working in the Office
  164. Working Near Live Traffic
  165. Working on Bridge Deck Edge
  166. Working On Or Near The Line
  167. Working Over Or Near Water
  168. Working With And Mixing Concrete
  169. Working with Ballast-Regular, Glue, Shoulder Clean, Contaminate and wet beds
  170. Working With On Track Equipment
  171. Working With Or Near Mobile Plant
  172. Working With Rail Jointed, Check and CWR
  173. Working With Unskilled Labor

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