• Make sure the grinder ha  an adequate protective guard.
  • Ensure that grinder stones and discs are matched to the RPM rating of the grinder. A low-RPM stone or disc may shatter on a high-RPM grinder.
  • Wear a proper face shield and eye protection during all grinding operations. Use a respirator when required.
  • Check grinder stones and discs daily for nicks, cracks, or other defects. Replace them immediately if they are damaged.
  • Handle grinders carefully. If dropped, inspect the grinder and stone/disc right away for damage.
  • Abrasive wheels may shatter if handled incorrectly. They must be stored carefully, handled gently, and installed properly. Always test start the new wheel where it can do no harm.
  • Do not use the side of the wheel for grinding unless it is designed specifically for such use.
  • Make sure to turn off a portable grinder and wait until all motion has stopped before setting it down.

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