In a recent US Department of Labor study, of all injures reported, injuries to fingers and hands accounted for more than 23%, making them the highest in preventable injuries, and in terms of lost workdays, they ranked second only to back and neck injuries.
This is the reason why you should add in your site campaigns to prevent hand injures.
Below a list of slogans, you can use in your next campaigns.

·       A safe hand is a winning hand
·       Always protect your hands from sharp edges
·       Always put your hands first
·       Don’t lose your touch, Protect your hands!
·       Everyone has a hand in safety
·       Fingers are precious, don’t ignore – or they could end up on the floor
·       Hand safety first
·       Hand safety first, not the job
·       Hand safety is in your hands
·       Hand safety is up to you
·       Hand safety is your business
·       Hand safety: Do it, Do it right, Do it right now
·       Hands up, Wear your gloves
·       I want you to protect your hands
·       I want you to put your gloves right now
·       Imagine your life without your hands
·       It’s in your hand
·       Keep calm and make your hands safe
·       Kick the pain, protect your hands
·       Life without hands is not easy, take care of them
·       Love them, Protect them
·       Love your hands, protect your hands
·       Protect only the fingers you want to keep!
·       Protect your hands – Protect your future
·       Protect your hands, protect your family
·       Protect your hands, you hold your child with them
·       Protect your hands, you work with them
·       Quality and safety go hand in hand
·       Safety fits like a glove
·       Safety is in my hand
·       Shut up and protect your hands
·       Start with safe hands, finish with safe hands
·       Stop acting like you’re a super hero, Protect your hands
·       Stop! Your hand is near a pinch point
·       Take steps to make your hands safer
·       Thumbs up for hand safety
·       Use safety gloves during work
·       Use your brain to protect your hands
·       Use your eyes to protect your hands
·       Use your wits, use padded mitts
·       Using safety gloves is the wise choice
·       We love your hands, please protect it!
·       Working safely protect your hands
·       You are nothing without your hands, take care of them
·       Your 10 best tools, take care of them
·       Your beautiful hand also requires safety
·       Your hand is your most important tool – Protect it!
·       Your hands are in your hands
·       Your hands are the key of your safety
·       Your hands are your main tools, take care of them

Download all the safety hands logans in a word file:

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