Your main role as a health and safety manager is to prevent accidents, injuries, and work-related illnesses. According to the USA Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, all businesses with 5 or more employees must have a written health and safety policy in place.

You should implement this policy to prevent the aforementioned risks.

As a health and safety manager, you have a range of responsibilities. You should:

Formulate policies and procedures.

You should implement health and safety procedures and ensure that these comply with the law.

Conduct risk assessments.

This highlight the areas of potential risk that you must reduce.

Train all employees in your health and safety procedures.

You should also give proper training on the particular risks in their area of work, and how they can prevent these.

Conduct frequent safety inspections and checks.

This is especially important for things like electrical equipment and equipment used for working at height.

Understand the importance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

You should make all employees aware of the benefits of PPE and ensure that they receive adequate PPE. You should also frequently check PPE for wear and tear. Equipment must be effective in the event of an accident.

Develop a correct procedure for reporting accidents.

You must make all employees aware of the correct reporting procedure and ensure that they know how to properly report accidents.

Respond to any safety complaints and concerns raised by employees.

You should investigate their claims and put plans in place to remove the danger.

Take responsibility for first aid procedures, including employee first aid training.

Online first-aid courses can be valuable for refreshing or supplementing classroom training.

Manage emergency procedures, such as fire alarm drills.

Prepare emergency procedures and carry out regular drills to ensure everyone in your organization have enough knowledge to act in an emergency situation.

Lead by example.

You must show employees that you take your health and safety manager responsibilities seriously. You should also try to instill a positive health and safety culture.

Usual requirements and qualifications for a Safety Manager.


Years of experience it’s usually required according to the complexity of the project or site, could start from 3 years to 20- or 25-years experience in similar roles.

Experience in producing reports, as a safety manager you will be required to produce weekly, monthly or yearly reports, related to all your activities, which can include accidents, training, safe work, etc…

Experience with writing policies and procedures for health and safety, you can check our channel for more information.


Excellent knowledge of legislation and procedures, usually, related to the local legislation, in some situations, it’s also required knowledge of international best practices.

Excellent knowledge of potentially hazardous materials or practices related to the industry you are working in.

Familiarity with conducting data analysis and reporting statistics.

Proficient in MS Office, these days you need to know how to use the common software’s.

Working knowledge of safety management information systems.

Outstanding organizational skills.

Critical thinker and problem-solving skills, as a safety manager you will face everyday problems and issues that need to be solved right away without delays, so you need to be assertive and problem solver.

Team Player.

Team player, you need to work closely with all your organization, that starts in the top management and goes in till the bottom of the organization so it’s important you be a team player.

Good time-management skills.

Great interpersonal and communication skills.

It’s usually required a bachelor’s degree, most of the time in engineering, but can be another type an additional training in safety management or a similar field.

A certificate in occupational health and safety, in some countries, required national certification, but if you plan to work for example in the middle east, such as in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, etc… probably you will be required to have a Nebosh and Lead auditor certification.

Be aware, of some fake certifications, you can find online. you need to do a proper search to ensure you pay for a valid certificated. that can help you to grow your career.

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